Vicki Hayes

One of Irving Klaw’s models who made quite a few appearances was a beautiful blond model by the name of Vicki Hayes. I only know this was the name she used as a model. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether this really was her name or not. I would hope she … More Vicki Hayes

Of Boots and Bondage

I suppose when you look at the fetish or Bdsm scene, it’s hard to imagine a situation where boots aren’t linked to some degree. Whether it be a dominatrix wearing boots or the submissive wearing the boots. They seem to have a connection many find irresistible, and who wouldn’t agree they make a great combination. … More Of Boots and Bondage


When I was about 14 in 1976, I remember seeing an image on the front cover of a magazine from a men’s magazine , well known at the time, called Mayfair. The issue in question was Vol.12 Number 4 as shown below. It features model Leslie Chisholm dressed in a PVC outfit made by someone … More She’n’Me

Safe Mode

I guess we are all governed by what we see around us, and often we covet the things we see, especially when we don’t own something that really makes the heart race. However we are all blessed with something hidden from sight in our own brain, which gives us imagination to think up the weird … More Safe Mode

Who even knew?

In the mad world world we live in, of media influencers and the rise of the internet, everything now online, I personally think it’s nice to refer back to when things which were published in magazines many moons ago. Who had even heard of Influencers back in the 1980’s and 90’s, and who would have … More Who even knew?

Bag your Booty

Currently up on Ebay are a selection of the Booty Boots bags which are highly collectable. Originally launched at the Erotica in 2001, made by TLSB and featured in Skin Two Magazine issue #39, these became hugely popular on the Fetish scene, but sadly a flood of copies and cheap imitations killed off these amazing … More Bag your Booty


Many moons ago I came across a lady by the name of Pippa. She had a website which was called Pippasplace which had been running for a couple of years around 2000. It featured Pippa wearing latex or just normal clothing, wearing boots often thigh highs or Acquos (who I will feature very soon) , … More Pippa

A new purchase

I came across these beauties on Ebay the other day and decided to splash out. Custom made by the Little Shoe Box a few years ago, they weren’t cheap but still a good price compared new boots. Genuine 6 inch heels without scallop, lace up speed hook detail and closed at the back of the … More A new purchase