Wardour Street, London

This fascinating Article was written by Mr Manoleat. With the internet and many resources it is quite easy for boot enthusiasts to find their desired pieces. There are even some businesses who cater for the more special stuff or do full custom orders. Also theatrical shoemakers are generally able to make nearly every design you … More Wardour Street, London

In Olden Days..

I wrote an article many moons ago which was really aimed at 1930’s images which I’d seen, which made me think of the old song by Cole Porter. ‘In olden days, a glimpse of stocking, was thought of as something shocking, but heaven knows, anything goes’! I think in the images I’d seen, they just … More In Olden Days..

Buttons and Zippers

When I look at the picture shown above, apart from the beauty of the image, you immediately spot that the crotch length boots being worn are infact button boots. The image was sent to me by my good friend Manoleat after he managed to obtain a series of images copied from an issue of London … More Buttons and Zippers

Promising Signs

It’s been a common grumble of mine since I originally started my blog back in 2009, that I always felt that despite bootmakers having an amazing ability to make truly wonderful boots, there seemed to be a genuine lack of inspiration. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not having a go at bootmakers. The point I … More Promising Signs

Remembering Nicci

It’s been quite interesting looking back at my old blog. It seems so long ago I started it and if I’m honest when I read some of the articles I wrote, I can’t remember writing it. One thing that is very noticeable though, is just how many boot related sites have now gone. Many people … More Remembering Nicci

A Pioneer Remembered

One day in September 1987, a man who many might not give a second glance to, died sadly whilst working in his office. His name was John Sutcliffe. Now to some his name might not strike a chord, but this visionary was in fact the person behind the famous Atomage. He was well educated, and … More A Pioneer Remembered


Back in 2009, I mentioned in a blog entry I’d written, a Mr W. of Macnaught Shoe Store in King St. Sydney, Australia. This fascinating store owner, whose continental craftsmen, using Belgian and French lasts, made some of the most stunning boots of his era, using the pseudonym ‘Achilles’. If you are lucky enough to … More Pseudonyms

A Retro Look

Back in 2010 I wrote this small article. With retro clothing very much the fashion now I thought it might be fun to revisit it. I was looking at some old pictures the other day. I figured because of the style of the clothes, which look very much of the 1930’s and 1940’s they come … More A Retro Look

Words or Pictures

It’s interesting looking back at some of the publications which appeared during the 1960s- 1990s. Being honest there are too many to list, but they catered specifically for the kink community, mostly men, designed to titilate, with a larger selection of images, stories, adverts and the obligatory letters section. From boot fetishists to slaves, every … More Words or Pictures